Too Earnest

The sometimes serious, but generally frivolous, musings of a city girl now living in the woods.



I am a city girl transplanted to the country.  I am a teacher, taking some time off.  I am a wife to Emily and a parent to Eli.  I wish I got more exercise and more sleep.  I sometimes keep myself awake thinking.  Thus, a blog.

I will sometimes write long, tortured pieces.  Sometimes they will be short.  Sometimes I will be caught in a fury of writing such as you have never seen.  Other times, weeks will go by with out anything.

But know this.  I love pop culture and Capital P politics.  I am concerned about public schools, racism, international relations, queer culture in the US, and whether or not the Hobbit really needs to be in three parts.  I like sports, TV, reading, architecture and singing.  At some point, I will probably write about all of these things.  I should probably have named my blog “Jack of All Trades” or more to the point, “Master of None.”  Such is life.  And however it is, I have too much to say.  And I always have a lot of conviction.  I am yours, too earnestly.


PS–The new Hawaii Five-0 is my greatest guilty pleasure.  If you want to skip all the deep thoughts and pretending to be brilliant, just click the link on the left to all my H50 Bingo boards.  They’re kinda fun.

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